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Michael Brown

Commentary, Articles and Essays by Dr. Ron Daniels

“State of Emergency” in Black America: The Killing of Black Men Continues – A Call to Action

By Vantage Point Articles

Vantage Point Articles & Essays by Dr. Ron Daniels — When will it stop? The police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, coming on the heals of the killing of Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man by a policeman’s choke hold in Staten Island, New York, is yet another painful, traumatic reminder of the long history of occupation, torture, abuse and killing of Black people in America, particularly Black men.

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A protester in Minneapolis on Thursday.

From the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter, the ongoing fight to end police violence against black Americans

By Editors' Choice

By Peniel E. Joseph, The Washington Post — The police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests, which featured law enforcement tear-gassing demonstrators, highlight the urgent need to transform America’s criminal justice system. Floyd, 46, managed to outrun the coronavirus pandemic that has taken too many black lives, only to be ensnared by that quintessentially American and dangerously malignant virus of white supremacy. In a video capture eerily reminiscent…

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Victory in Ferguson, The Green Party Candidate for Governor of NY, Garvey’s Economic Vision

By Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

Topics: Garvey’s Vision of Economic Development • The Green Party’s Candidate for Governor of NY • Victory in Ferguson. Guests: Rev. Dennis Dillon (Senior Pastor, the Rise Church, Brooklyn, NY), Howie Hawkins (Green Party Candidate for Governor, Syracuse, NY) and Melanie Randels (Community Organizer, Ferguson, MO (Invited))

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“Elections Matter” Part 2, Political Empowerment in Ferguson , Gun Violence in New York – Vantage Point

By Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

Focus: “Elections Matter” Revisited, Part 2. • Update on Political Empowerment in Ferguson. • Addressing Gun Violence in New York. Guests: Mark Thompson (Host, Make It Plain, SIRIUSXM Progress 127, New York, NY), Melanie Randels (Political Activist, Ferguson, MO), Pastor Gil Monrose (67th Clergy Council, “The GOD SQUAD,” Flatbush, NY)

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Lezley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown, prays with Benjamin Crump, attorney for the families of Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Stephon Clark, at the IOP's forum on the Black Lives Matter movement four years after Brown's slaying.

Black Lives Matter: A next chapter

By News & Current Affairs

Discussion of Michael Brown’s killing also reflects on how to improve conditions By Clea Simon (Harvard Correspondent) — Four years after Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., young people of color are still dying. Still, as a panel discussion at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum noted on Monday, a movement has grown at the same time. With a new documentary shedding light…

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