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Poor Peoples Campaign

Poor People’s Campaign, Fratricide in Black Communities: Topics for Vantage Point with Dr. Ron Daniels

By Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

June 4th Edition of Vantage Point — Topics: The Vision and Mission of the Poor People’s Campaign, Fratricide/Murders in the Black Community: Do Black Lives Matter to Black People? Guests: Rev. William Barber (National Coordinator, Poor People’s Campaign, North Carolina), Claudia De La Cruz (National Steering Committee, Poor People’s Campaign, New York, NY), Rev. Clyde Kuemmerle (New York Poor People’s Campaign, New York, NY), Earl Ofari Hutchinson (Los Angeles Urban Roundtable) and Andre Mitchell (Founder/Executive Director, Man Up, Inc., East New York, NY)

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‘Something’s wrong in America.’ William Barber, a pastor, is one of the co-chairs of the Poor People’s Campaign.

Hundreds arrested as activists pick up where Martin Luther King left off

By News & Current Affairs

The Poor People’s campaign kicked off 40 days of nonviolent protest on Monday, reviving King’s anti-poverty efforts and demanding action. By Lauren Gambino — Hundreds of low-wage workers, faith leaders, civil rights organizers and liberal activists were arrested in demonstrations in Washington and in cities across the US on Monday as they resumed the work Martin Luther King left unfinished. Fifty years after King launched the Poor People’s Campaign against economic inequality, militarism…

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William Barber

William Barber Takes on Poverty and Race in the Age of Trump

By Commentaries/Opinions

After the success of the Moral Monday protests, the pastor is attempting to revive Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s final—and most radical—campaign. By Jelani Cobb — At first glance, the crowds of people congregating on a block of Mulberry Street, a stretch of squat brick buildings near downtown Memphis, on the morning of April 4th, might have been there for a variety of reasons. The street venders selling T-shirts and posters…

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"Here we're proving—with data and analysis spanning 50 years—that the problem is both structural barriers for the poor in hiring, housing, policing, and more, as well as a system that prioritizes war and the wealthy over people and the environment they live in," said John Cavanagh, director of the Institute for Policy Studies. (Photo: Poor People's Campaign/Twitter)

Decrying System That Favors ‘War and the Wealthy,’ Poor People’s Campaign Unveils Agenda to Combat Poverty, Racism, and Militarism

By Commentaries/Opinions

“The Democrats talk about the middle class. The Republicans talk about the military. No one’s talking about the poor.” By Jake Johnson — In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s original campaign against poverty that kicked off 50 years ago next month, leaders of the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) on Tuesday announced plans to revive Dr. King’s radical moral vision with mass action nationwide and unveiled a series of ambitious demands aimed…

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"50 years after Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed, the same racial injustices still confront the nation."

Radical New Leaders Are Reviving Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign

By Commentaries/Opinions

The movement looks to rebuild the cross-racial civil rights alliance that disintegrated during a half-century of counter-revolution. Their radical vision is more necessary than ever. By Lewis M. Steel — The critical question long-time veterans of the civil rights movement and new activists alike ask is this: Are the times ripe for a newly energized movement to break the stagnation which has shut down most racial progress for the last…

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