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Phenomenal Black Woman: #MeToo founder Tarana Burke on Vantage Point with Dr. Ron Daniels

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Vantage Point Radio March 23, 2020 — On this Phenomenal Woman: Women’s History Month special edition of Vantage Point, host Dr. Ron Daniels aka The Professor talks with special guest Tarana Burke about the mission of the #MeToo movement, the Kobe Bryant and Gayle King controversy, COVID-19 (#Coronavirus) pandemic and more. Topics COVID-19 (Coronavirus) The Mission of the #MeToo Movement Kobe Bryant and Gayle King Controversy Guest Tarana Burke, Founder,…

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The Freedman. Artist: John Quincy Adams Ward. 1863

The Sexual Assault and Exploitation of Enslaved Men in America

By Reparations

By Thomas A. Foster, History News Network — Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from Rethinking Rufus: Sexual Violations of Enslaved Men by Thomas A. Foster. Reprinted with permission from The University of Georgia Press. The promise of freedom may also have been used to entice enslaved men into sexual contact with white women. In eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, one court record of punishment meted out to a white woman and an enslaved man for…

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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Remember Dr. Christine Blasey Ford… Mobilize the “Mob” to March on Ballot Boxes — Eradicate Trumpism

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Image: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Vantage Point Articles and Essays by Dr. Ron Daniels — We must never forget the humble, dignified and courageous testimony of a Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee. With no outside witnesses being called, the Hearing was deliberately rigged to be a “she said, he said” spectacle.  We must never forget the bias treatment of Dr. Blasey Ford by the Committee’s Chairman…

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Brett Kavanaugh

Powerful, Privileged White Men Will Not Win Forever

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By Brandi Miller, HuffPost — This has been a week of tantrums. The last 10 days have been a picture of what it looks and feels like when white men in positions of power feel themselves threatened by a loss of the authority they feel entitled to. We watched Brett Kavanaugh cry, lash out, bully and deflect in the face of sexual assault allegations because he wasn’t getting what he felt…

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Democrats Didn’t Do Enough to Stop Kavanaugh — They Melted Before His White Rage

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Yes, Democrats are preferable to this. But they’re still spineless. By Jim Sleeper, Salon — Although I’ll vote for any Democrat in November to keep Donald Trump’s Republican vassals from finishing off the American republic at his bidding, what I saw in the performance of most Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee last week reminded me that any victory by that terminally pusillanimous, corrupt, suppurating party, which is only a…

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Senator Kamala Harris delivers blistering rebuke to GOP as Kavanaugh confirmation debate opens

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By Brendan Skwire, Raw Story — Avisibly outraged Kamala Harris (D-CA) went into prosecutor mode as she eviscerated her Republican colleagues for ramming through Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, saying the process was a sham and the FBI had been handcuffed by the White House. “As the former attorney general of California, I have tremendous, tremendous respect for the sworn law enforcement officers at the FBI, and this should have…

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Sex education in some American high schools is evolving to include to curb sexual assaults. AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Want to prevent sexual harassment and assault? Start by teaching kids

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By Poco Kernsmith, Joanne Smith-Darden and Megan Hicks, The Conversation — In the wake of sexual assault and harassment allegations involving Brett Kavanaugh, Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly and others, Americans may be learning just how prevalent sexual violence is in our society. So, what can be done to prevent it? We have studied how family, school and neighborhood environments influence violent youth behavior. Building from this knowledge, we are working with schools…

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Bill Cosby

A Final Sad Thought About Cosby

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By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, The Hutchinson Report — I have been hard line, uncompromising, and relentless in my criticism of Bill Cosby’s sexual crimes and in my withering call for justice for his victims, Yet, I must say that I felt a pang of deep remorse and sadness in gazing at the picture of Cosby being led out of the Pennsylvania courtroom with his head bowed, and his hands manacled. It…

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September 24th Edition of Vantage Point Radio

By Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

TOPICS: Connecting the African Diaspora to the Motherland • The Future of Labor in the Era of Trump • The Iron Coffin Lady: A Window into Early Black Communities in New York • The Fate of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. GUESTS: H.E. Arikana Chihombori-Quao (African Union Ambassador to the U.S., Washington, D.C.), Barbara Madeloni (Education Coordinator, Labor Notes, Boston, MA) and Rev. Kimberly L. Detherage, Esq. (Pastor, St. Mark AME Church, Queens, NY).

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