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Glasgow Helps Collin Bennett Register to Vote Inside the Dothan City Jail

Tens of thousands of newly registered felons could swing Alabama Senate election

By News & Current Affairs

By Kira Lerne — DOTHAN, ALABAMA — “Today is the last day to register to vote in the state of Alabama,” Pastor Kenneth Glasgow said into a microphone, his energy lighting up the radio studio in the office of a community group he runs. “Those of you listening in the prison cells right now: You can vote if you don’t have a murder charge or any kind of sex charge.”…

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Steve Bannon and Roy Moore

Could Voter Suppression Swing Alabama’s Senate Race to Roy Moore?

By News & Current Affairs

By Jay Michaelson — Thanks to the insane way Alabama’s Senate race has unfolded, voter suppression could get Roy Moore elected. Before three women accused Moore of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers—one said he coerced her into sex when she was 14—the race was very much in Moore’s favor. When the accusations surfaced and mainstream Republicans recoiled…

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Hillary Clinton

Why the Majority of White Women Voted for Trump

By Commentaries/Opinions

What motivated women to vote for a misogynist candidate? By Kate Manne, Oxford University Press — The following is adapted from the new book Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny by Kate Manne (Oxford University Press, November 2017), available for purchase from Amazon and IndieBound. Cut now to Hillary Clinton, whom many people not only disliked and mistrusted but also expressed visceral disgust for during her 2016 presidential campaign. One such was Donald Trump, who didn’t want to…

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