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Black Law Enforcement Demanding the Immediate Resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson

By August 18, 2014December 7th, 2018No Comments
As a national organization of Law Enforcement Professionals, we are publicly demanding the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson.

According to reports, its was assumed on Thursday that Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson and his men would be in charge of the Ferguson protest.

Chief Jackson’s  decision on Friday to release a video of shooting victim Mike Brown after Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson signaled that things had changed by leading a peaceful march of demonstrators on Thursday has proven to be reckless and dangerous to law enforcement and the citizens of Ferguson.

Capt. Johnson stated that he “would have liked to have been consulted” ahead of time about the video’s release and went on to say, “The information could have been put out a different way.”

Chief Jackson himself admitted that the incident on the video had nothing to do with Brown later getting stopped and shot by officer Darren Wilson. Jackson went on record by saying, “The initial contact between Darren Wilson and Mike Brown was not related to the alleged theft of cigars.” Jackson went on to say that Wilson had no idea that Brown was even a suspect in the robbery and that the reason for the initial confrontation was simply due to Brown blocking traffic.

As a national organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we have found that it is the usual “Motus Operandi” of  many Law Enforcement Management to turn the Victims of Police Criminality into the Villain.

Chief  Jackson has used poor judgment as a Law Enforcement Commander in releasing inflammatory videos that has undermined the work of Capt. Johnson to bring peace and good order to the city of Ferguson.

We demand his resignation!

Damon K. Jones
New York Representative
Blacks In Law Enforcement of America

It is our duty as peace officers and members of Blacks in Law enforcement of America to continue the fight for freedom, justice, and equality for all citizens. We will be advocates of law enforcement professionals by establishing continuous training and support. As black law enforcement professionals, we pledge our time, honor, and talent for the uplifting of our communities. We are truly the leaders of the community, in and out of our blue uniform


IBW21 (The Institute of the Black World 21st Century) is committed to enhancing the capacity of Black communities in the U.S. and globally to achieve cultural, social, economic and political equality and an enhanced quality of life for all marginalized people.