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From Left to Right: Photo by Jessica Simmonds; Photo Courtesy of Dash Harris Machado; Javier Wallace by Sarmia Osbourne

For Some Black People, The Term ‘Latinx’ Is Another Form of Erasure

By Commentaries/Opinions

Black diasporans discuss the ways the label can be overly broad—and leave out an important part of their identities. By Janel Martinez, Vice — For many Black people, their identification with Latinx identity is complicated—the term, meant to be all-inclusive, has the exact opposite effect. Though Black and Indigenous Latin Americans have contributed significantly to Latinx culture (think musical genres like rumba, tango, and reggaetón, to name a few, or the masterful creations…

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Paying homage to Fidel Castro at Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana in 2016

In Cuba’s Change of Leadership, More Black Officials in Power

By Editors' Choice

By Frances Robles and Azam Ahmeda — As the departing Cuban president, Raúl Castro, tells it, even too many of the radio and television newscasters in Cuba are white. It “was not easy” getting the few black broadcasters now on the air hired, Mr. Castro said in his retirement speech Thursday, a remarkable admission considering the state controls all the stations. So it was all the more extraordinary to see…

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