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Bird Lives!!

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By Herb Boyd
Special to IBW

Bird watchers, not those ornithologists armed with binoculars looking for the latest rare specimen on wing, but jazz lovers eagerly awaiting the arrival of Stanley Crouch’s study of Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, the wingless immortal, can now exhale.

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Bobby Blue Bland, blues master, dies at 83

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  “Farther On Up the Road” is classic Bobby Blue Bland, but this song was initially recorded before his tenor voice gave way to that distinctive growl or “squall,” as he called it.  The Blue in his name was as appropriate as the Bland was not.  In either case, the great blues man has joined the ages.  According to his son, Rodd, the drummer in his band, Bland died Sunday…

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Riding with Rangel

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Spending a morning with Congressman Charles Rangel is to be in touch with a diversity of the Harlem community from a breakfast at Sylvia’s where he was one of several notables in a think tank led by Lloyd Williams and Carl McCall to a commencement address at P 79M to a ribbon cutting ceremony at Blink’s on 125th Street. “Let me first of all thank the parents here today,” the…

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Same old, same old 50 years later

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Herb Boyd & Elinor Tatum

One of the most important revelations Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had even before he delivered his famous “I Have A Dream” speech—and what he deemed a shortcoming of the civil rights movement—was the failure to give economics a more pivotal role in the struggle for freedom and justice.

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