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On October 27, 2022, President Biden appointed BSICS Co-Founder and Board Chair, Dr. Carol D. Lee (Mama Safisha) to the U.S. National Board for Educational Sciences.

BSICS Co-Founder and Board Chair, Dr. Carol D. Lee (Mama Safisha)

Dr. Carol D. Lee

The National Board for Education Sciences consists of 15 voting members appointed by the President. The board’s duties include advising the Director of the Institute of Education Sciences and serving as a “board of directors” for the Institute by approving or disapproving the Institute’s priorities as proposed by the Director. The board ensures that the priorities of the Institute and the National Education Centers are consistent with the organization’s mission.

For over 50 years, Mama Safisha has taught at all levels of the educational system – primary school, high school, community college, and university. Her research focuses on cultural supports for literacy and ecological supports for youth holistic learning and development.

This appointment is monumental. Not only for the BSICS community, but for the nation as well. Her presence on the Board ensures that curriculum standards will become more culturally competent and support learning for all students in this country. This appointment is the fruition of all that she has poured into others and pushing academia forward, and we are beyond proud of this Pan-African pioneer and trailblazer who continues to make history.

Congratulations Mama Safisha!

Source: Betty Shabazz International Charter Schools (BSICS)


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