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The Historical Reasons Behind U.S. Racial Wealth Gap.

The Historical Reasons Behind U.S. Racial Wealth Gap

By Reparations

By Catarina Saraiva, Bloomberg — The average White household in the U.S. today has amassed about seven times more wealth than the average Black household. The disparity widened in the half-century since the civil rights movement, despite a wave of laws protecting against racial discrimination at work, in housing and other economic realms. A wave of protests in U.S. cities last year provoked by police killings of Black citizens, including…

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Pittsburgh PA City Council Hearing on Black Displacement

By Gentrification, News & Current Affairs

Black Displacement Hearing – City Council Public Hearing The Pittsburgh Justice Coalition (PJC) is a group of organizations and individuals who are opposed to the misguided and ill-fated War on Drugs. June 17 will mark 50 years since President Nixon declared the War on Drugs which from the start was a War on Us, Black people. We are here today to call attention to and protest a continuing crime against…

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