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Jean-Jacques Dessalines

A man dressed as independence hero Jean-Jacques Dessalines in Port-au-Prince,

Haiti was the first nation to permanently ban slavery

By Reparations

Why this matters today. By Julia Gaffield, The Washington Post — Global protests in support of Black Lives Matter have systematically exposed the legacies of slavery and colonialism today. This has put many on the defensive. White people are quick to tout stories of abolition, emphasizing the path bravely forged by imperial powers like Britain and France. They diminish the realities and consequences of slavery and colonialism by demanding gratitude for ending…

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Haitian-Americans and local residents gathered for the celebration that unveiled Jean-Jacques Dessalines Boulevard, in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Street Is Renamed in Flatbush, to Joy and Controversy

By News & Current Affairs

By Jeffery C. Mays, The New York Times — Stephania Casimir, a first-generation Haitian-American, remembers her parents talking about Jean-Jacques Dessalines, a former slave who became one of Haiti’s founding fathers, but not all of the details. They came flooding back on Saturday on a street corner in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn as speakers explained why a stretch of Rogers Avenue was being co-named in honor of Dessalines, who declared…

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