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IBW Statement HR-40 by Dr. Malveaux

By NAARC News, Reparations

When he addressed the Southern Christian Leadership Council in 1967, in his speech, “Where Do We Go From Here?” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. noted “ Of the good things in life, the Negro has approximately one half those of whites. of the bad things of life, he has twice those of whites. Thus half of all Negroes live in substandard housing. And Negroes have half the income of whites…

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Why Do Black Lives Matter?

By News & Current Affairs

By: Daniel Peterson – The inequity of opportunity attacks Black America perhaps even more seriously now, given its extremes than the economic reality which encouraged Dr. King to shift the focus of his movement from civil rights to economic justice, as omitted in his last, tragically sterilized effort to organize a “Poor People’s Campaign.”

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