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MSNBC VIDEO — Reparations for slavery is becoming a hot button issue in 2020. Joy Reid is joined by Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee on H.R. 40, which would create a commission to study reparations, and long-time participant in the legitimate movement for reparations, Rev. Mark Thompson.

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Press Release: NAARC Applauds Interest in Reparations by 2020 Presidential Contenders

National African American Reparations Commission Applauds Recent Statements of Interest by 2020 Presidential Contenders Calls on all the Candidates to Support HR-40 Download/Print PDF or DOC version of this press release. The National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC) applauds several Presidential contenders for their recent expressed interest in reparations and calls on all the candidates to prioritize reparatory justice as an issue of importance to Black voters in the…



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