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At a time when Colombia’s peace implementation is threatened in part by government failures to fulfill obligations under its peace accord with the FARC, global advocates are encouraging international solidarity with women who are struggling for a peace that includes their human rights. (Photo: darioadn.co)

Afro-Colombian Women Mobilize for Justice and Healing on International Women’s Day

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In Colombia, women are demanding an end to the impunity, silence and invisibility that fuel attacks on female human rights defenders. Tumaco – Afro-descendant women’s organizations in Colombia are marking International Women’s Day by highlighting Black women’s role in peacebuilding and calling for reparations for conflict-related gender-based violence and other human rights violations. As members of communities that have long suffered governmental neglect, Afro-Colombian women and girls have faced disproportionate rates of conflict-related human rights violations with minimal access to justice or services. Ongoing violence in the wake of Colombia’s peace accord with the FARC, including killings of human rights defenders and displacement of entire communities, has especially impacted Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Peoples.

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It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Afro-Latino Health Disparities In The U.S.

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Afro-Colombian women. Photo by Aime Saldarriaga, Reuters. By Adolfo G. Cuevas — Public health research has documented racial disparities in health and health care for decades. When looking at the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. ― including cancer, stroke and heart disease ― mortality rates among black Americans are higher than among white Americans, even after controlling for socioeconomic status factors. Compelling evidence suggests both individual- and institutional-level discrimination cause this disparity. For…

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