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Rescuing Black Detroit, Legalizing Marijuana in New York State — March 18th Edition of Vantage Point

By Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

3/18/19 Vantage Point Radio with Dr. Ron Daniels — Topics: Rescuing Black Detroit, Legalizing Marijuana in New York State: A Reparatory Justice Framework. Guests: Korey Batey, Founder, Detroit Ain’t Violent (D.A.V.I.S.) Initiative, Detroit, MI and Kassandra Frederique, New York State Director, Drug Policy Alliance, New York, NY

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BALTIMORE, MD - APRIL 27: Baltimore Police officers arrest a man near Mowdamin Mall, April 27, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. The funeral service for Freddie Gray, who died last week while in Baltimore Police custody, was held on Monday morning.

Even after decriminalization, nearly all of the people arrested for marijuana in Baltimore are black

By News & Current Affairs

There is a reason why the Baltimore Police Department was investigated by the Justice Department after the 2015 death of Freddie Gray. By Kelly Macias, Daily Kos — In 2014, when the state of Maryland voted to decriminalize the possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana, advocates said that it would help to reduce racial bias and systemic racism against black people. Even though data shows that blacks and whites use…

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Pan Africanism, Marijuana Policy, Gentrification — December 3rd Edition of Vantage Point Radio

By Gentrification, Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

Topics: The 60th Anniversary of the All African People’s Conference, Ghana • The Marijuana Justice, Equity and Reinvestment Conference • Anti-Gentrification Campaign in Atlanta. Guests: Mwalimu K-Q Amsata (Coord., North American Pan African Federalist Congress, Flagler, FL), Kassandra Frederique (State Policy Director, Drug Policy Alliance, New York, NY) and Kamau Franklin (Founder, Community Movement Builders, Atlanta, GA)

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Marijuana, Cannibus, Marijuana Reform

More Americans Than Ever Want Marijuana Legalized. Lawmakers Should Listen.

By Commentaries/Opinions

Nearly two-thirds of Americans want cannabis to be legal — but marijuana arrests are going up, not down. By Paul Armentano, Otherwords — Over 60 percent of Americans — including majorities of Republicans, independents, and Democrats — believe that the adult use of marijuana ought to be legal. And an estimated 20 percent of Americans now live in a state where cannabis use by those over the age of 21 is permitted.…

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