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Engraving of the women pirates Ann Bonny and Mary Read by Benjamin Cole, circa 1724

Motley mutinies, popular pirates and slave revolts at sea

By Reparations

Historian Marcus Rediker spoke to Ken Olende about the struggles that took place aboard the ships of early capitalism. By The Socialist Worker — The first strike wasn’t in a factory or an office. It wasn’t even on land. US historian Marcus Rediker explains how sailors in England fought against a wage cut in 1768. “They went from ship to ship and took down the sails. That’s called striking the sails….

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The Worst Presidential 100 Days Ever

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson – #45 Trump got one thing right about the media hyped first 100 days measuring stick of a new president. It’s a silly measure. In fact, presidents from John F. Kennedy to Obama have derided the 100-day fetish and correctly noted that the far better to gauge how effective or bumbling an incoming president is is the first 1000 days. A quick look at the presidency of…

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Commentary, Articles and Essays by Dr. Ron Daniels

A Third Force in American Politics

By Vantage Point Articles

The Final Essay in a Series of Three on the Impact and Consequences of the 2016 Presidential Election – The season of resistance to “eradicate the virus of Trumpism” is unfolding with a fury. The Women’s March on Washington may well be remembered as one of the great moments of resistance and calls for transformation in American history. And, Trump’s ill-conceived and awkwardly rolled-out, Islamophobic ban on Muslims was met with massive demonstrations…

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IBW Black Paper

IBW Black Paper

By Docs, SCPAC Posts

The institute of the Black World 21st Century is delighted to finally release this Black Paper – which has been nearly three years in production. Originally targeted for release in…

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