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‘A reparative justice programme’ … Glasgow University has completed a two-year review of how it grew wealthy from the slave trade. Photograph: University of Glasgow

Reparations for slavery are not about punishing children for parents’ sins

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Reparative justice, whereby communities are compensated for losses caused by the slavery or the Holocaust, is morally fair. By Julian Baggini, The Guardian — Justice requires a good memory, one that is both accurate and not self-servingly selective. But whether it is well-served by a long memory is more contentious. We know that many still pay the price for sins previous generations never paid for. But most agree with the…

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Let the Reparations Begin

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By The Daily Observer — In a surprising bit of news, we learned that the the University of the West Indies (UWI) will receive £200 million in cash and kind from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom in what has been described as reparation payments. That is almost EC $695 million!!! This must be great news to the reparation movement, whether they believe that it is sufficient or not,…

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The University of Glasgow has examined the historical slave-holding record of benefactors. Photograph: University of Glasgow

Glasgow University to make amends over slavery profits of past

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University received ‘significant financial support’ from slavery in 18th and 19th centuries. By Martin Belam, The Guardian — Glasgow University has announced a programme of “reparative justice” after a year-long study discovered that the university benefited from the equivalent of tens of millions of pounds donated from the profits of slavery. The report states that although the university itself “adopted a clear anti-slavery position”, during the 18th and 19th centuries…

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