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Almost 2,000 white people gathered at a 1970 protest in Charlotte, N.C. against a court-ordered desegregation busing plan.

On Busing, Joe Biden, and the ‘Pervasiveness of White Backlash to School Desegregation’

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Esther Wang, Jezebel — The most widely discussed moment from last week’s Democratic primary debates was Kamala Harris’s pointed critique of Joe Biden’s defense of southern segregationists and his stance toward busing. That encounter—in which Harris shared her own story of being a young girl bused from her working-class neighborhood on the majority-black side of town to a predominantly white school in Berkeley Hills, and in which Biden appeared visibly flustered…

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racial segregation

The resegregation of America

By Editors' Choice

By Ryan Cooper, The Week — If you want to get a good measure of the intense racial segregation of Washington, D.C., just head southeast on the Green Line subway around 5 p.m. Once that train leaves the L’Enfant Plaza station, it will reflect the demographic fact that east of the Anacostia River, the city is overwhelmingly black. This sort of thing is not at all uncommon. Indeed, a recent study…

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Eluard Luchell McDaniels, Spanish Civil. War Volunteer, Batea, Spain, May 1938. Image Courtesy of the Tamiment Library, New York University

African American Anti-Fascists in the Spanish Civil War

By Editors' Choice

Anti-fascist volunteer Canute Frankson explained his motivation in a letter home in 1937: “We will build us a new society—a society of peace and plenty. There will be no color line, no jim crow trains, no lynching. That is why, my dear, I’m here in Spain.” By Peter Carroll, — Approximately 90 African Americans fought in Spain during the civil war that engulfed that nation between 1936 and 1939.…

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