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NNPA President and CEO, Dr Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., (far right) invited Kettie Kamwangala (far left) and other Malawian women leaders for an open discussion while the ballots were being counted after a historic voter turnout across Malawi.

Women Play Key Role in Ensuring African Democracy

By News & Current Affairs

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA — Throughout this southeastern African nation of nearly 20 million residents, the strength and resiliency of women is on display 24 hours each day. The sustainability of democracy in any nation can be evaluated by the inclusive leadership roles performed by women in its social, political and economic life. According to statistics from the World Population Review, nearly half (49.1 percent)…

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The Alabama abortion ban has prompted new questions about why America’s elected officials don’t look more like America.

‘Democracy has been hijacked by white men’: how minority rule now grips America

By Commentaries/Opinions

The US is becoming more diverse and progressive, but white men’s grip on power is being exercised via the courts, gerrymandering and dark money in politics. By Tom McCarthy, The Guardian — The exercise of political power by legislative majorities of white, male elected officials in ways that disproportionately exclude or harm women and people of color is such a familiar part of the American political landscape that it sometimes…

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