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Counting money

What are Reparations, How Could They Happen, and Why Do They Matter?

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Here’s what you need to know. By Jameelah Nasheed, Teen Vogue — For over 250 years, people of African descent were enslaved in the United States. Tricked and stolen from their homes, subjected to the brutal Middle Passage, and held in bondage for generations, emancipation was a welcome relief from slavery but didn’t fully undo the damage it causes, nor have the various hard-fought advances in civil rights that have…

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Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson introduces a plan for slavery reparations

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By Clyde Hughes, UPI — Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson announced her plan for reparations to African Americans for slavery Wednesday, calling for $200 billion to $500 billion over 20 years. The author said she would create a reparations council of 30 to 50 people made up of slave descendants to determine how the money would be distributed. “The only stipulation on the part of the American government is the following: that the…

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