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A mural is seen in the Fifth Ward in Evanston, Illinois.

Illinois city’s reparations plan was heralded – but locals say it’s a cautionary tale

By Reparations

Evanston was the first city to implement a plan to repair the harm caused by slavery – and what occurred there could set the tone for what may happen at a national level. By Kiran Misra, The Guardian — In March, Evanston, Illinois, beat the federal government to become the first to pass a reparations plan in America. It gained national attention, heralded by celebrities such as Danny Glover, who called the…

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A “Welcome to Evanston” sign on Ridge Avenue at Howard Street. The city has the first municipally funded reparations program in the nation.

I’ve never been prouder of Evanston, where reparations are now becoming reality

By Reparations

Evanston’s bold action has begun the prodigious process of repairing centuries of damage to Black people from the pernicious reality of racism. By Chicago Sun Times — In November 2019, Evanston passed the first municipally funded reparations program in the nation. Now, I have never been more hopeful about the possibility of reparations for America’s Black community, which has been denied nearly every significant advantage and opportunity for advancement throughout…

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John Palfrey, MacArthur Foundation

MacArthur president backs reparations in City Club address

By Reparations

John Palfrey cites an urgent need for powerful institutions to confront racial injustice. By David Roeder, Chicago Sun Times — The president of Chicago-based MacArthur Foundation, citing a “fierce urgency” to correct racial injustice, Wednesday emphasized the organization’s support of reparations for African Americans and called on others to join the cause. John Palfrey, in a streamed address to members of the City Club of Chicago, said the pandemic’s job…

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Kansas City, Missouri

Communities across the country are talking about reparations. What about Kansas City?

By Reparations

Kansas City groups are talking about reparations as cities such as Evanston, Illinois, either implement or discuss their own programs to address past harm to Black residents. By Jonathan Shorman — Every Congressional session for nearly three decades, the late Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan introduced HR 40, calling for a national commission to study the impact of slavery and discriminatory policies on African Americans and to recommend remedies,…

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My Child Is Incarcerated. One Second in This Unjust System Is Too Much.

By Editors' Choice

By Esther Hernández— For several years, I have met weekly with a remarkable group of mothers and one father who, like me, are fighting for the release of their adult children from Chicago-area prisons. We call ourselves the Mothers of the Kidnapped. My new sisters and brother, all in a group no parent wants to join, speak powerfully to the loss of their children and to the agony of being caught up…

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Is the ground shifting on slavery reparations for African Americans?

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Bertram Niles — A suburb of Chicago is poised to formally become the first city in the United States to offer reparations to its Black residents. It is an indication that ground may be shifting ever so slightly as America talks a little more animatedly about whether to compensate African Americans for more than 200 years of slavery in the wake of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests. Not…

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Robin Rue Simmons

How the long fight for slavery reparations is slowly being won

By Editors' Choice, Reparations

In a suburb of Chicago, the world’s first government-funded slavery reparations programme is beginning. Robin Rue Simmons helped make it happen – but her victory has been more than 200 years in the making By Kris Manjapra, The Guardian — It began with an email. On an especially cold day in Evanston, Illinois, in February 2019, Robin Rue Simmons, 43 years old and two years into her first term as…

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Chicago’s City Hall

Rookie aldermen chosen to lead Chicago’s reparations subcommittee

By Reparations

At a time when the death of George Floyd has triggered a racial reckoning across the nation, Aldermen Shirley Coleman and Andre Vasquez must confront Chicago’s long, documented history of segregation and inequity. By Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times — Two rookie aldermen — Stephanie Coleman (16th) and Andre Vasquez (40th) — were chosen Monday to lead a City Council reparations subcommittee charged with finding a way to make amends to “descendants…

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Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc.

Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. and McCormick Theological Seminary Launch the Center for Reparative Justice, Transformation and Remediation

By Black Family Summit News

Public Education, Leadership Curricula and Public Policy Are Among Focus Areas Chicago, Illinois – Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. (SDPC) and McCormick Theological Seminary (McCormick) are pleased to announce the formation of the Center for Reparative Justice, Transformation, and Remediation (the Center). The Center will be located on McCormick’s campus in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. The Center’s mission focuses on the following three areas: Public education, academic courses, scholarship,…

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The Chicago City Council on Wednesday passed a resolution creating a council subcommittee to deal with the issue of reparations.

City Council approves reparations resolution

By Reparations

Two white aldermen — Nick Sposato and Anthony Napolitano — voted “no,” ignoring an appeal from Ald. Jason Ervin, chairman of the council’s Black Caucus. Napolitano called slavery “the worst thing ever,” but said it “was done in the past. We can’t rewrite it.” By Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun Times — The long and winding road for Chicago to find a way to make amends for the impact of slavery…

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Dr. Conrad Worrill

Dr. Conrad Worrill Joins the Realm of the Ancestors

By News & Current Affairs

Dr. Conrad Worrill of Chicago, Illinois founding member and National Chairman of the National Black United Front (NBUF) from 1985-2009 has made his transition to the realm of the Holy African Egun (Ancestors). Our thoughts and prayers are extended to his wife Mrs. Talibah Worrill, his children, his brother, his grand-children and large extended family. Dr. Worrill’s contributions to NBUF are too numerous to fully account for. However, some efforts…

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