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Pittsburgh PA City Council Hearing on Black Displacement

By Gentrification, News & Current Affairs

Black Displacement Hearing – City Council Public Hearing The Pittsburgh Justice Coalition (PJC) is a group of organizations and individuals who are opposed to the misguided and ill-fated War on Drugs. June 17 will mark 50 years since President Nixon declared the War on Drugs which from the start was a War on Us, Black people. We are here today to call attention to and protest a continuing crime against…

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Reggae legend Bob Marley talks with James G. Spady at the United Nations in New York City on June 15, 1978.

Remembering a cultural historian and hip-hop scholar whose ‘Spady School’ reshaped the lives of Penn students

By Editors' Choice, News & Current Affairs

By Valerie Russ, The Philadelphia Inquirer — It had no classrooms, no courses, no credits, and a faculty consisting of just one man of uncertain academic credentials who carried his books and papers in plastic grocery bags. But around the University of Pennsylvania campus, Spady School was said to change lives. For 40 years, James G. Spady, best described as an independent scholar, set out a movable feast for hungry…

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Water is a human right

U.S. Civil Rights and Human Rights Groups Say Water is a Human Right

By News & Current Affairs, PAUD Posts, Press Releases / Statements

U.S. Civil Rights and Human Rights Groups Say Water is a Human Right — Express Solidarity with Struggle for Water Rights in Nigeria. February, 10, 2020, New York — The Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW) released a Statement today calling for a national and international movement to declare access to water a human right that should not be subject to profiteering by corporate interests. The Statement was released against the…

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Chris Rabb

Philly lawmaker wants Pa. to pay reparations to the wrongly convicted

By Reparations

By John L. Micek, The Philadelphia Tribune — State Rep. Chris Rabb wants the state to pay reparations to people who are wrongfully sent to prison. In a memo seeking co-sponsors for his proposal, Rabb, D-Philadelphia, notes that Pennsylvania is one of 15 states without a law mandating compensation for innocent people for the years they lose behind bars. “Without a state compensation law, the only option for exonerees to…

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State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Philadelphia, speaks at a Capitol news conference on House and Senate proposals to abolish the death penalty in Pennsylvani

This Philly lawmaker wants Pennsylvania to offer reparations to its black residents

By News & Current Affairs, Reparations

By Stephen Caruso, The Pennsylvania Capital-Star — One Pennsylvania lawmaker is making his own case for reparations — not just for slavery, but for 400 years of institutional racism. Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Philadelphia, released a memo last week asking for his colleagues’ support for a bill providing tax credits or other benefits to African Americans as well as “targeted geographic communities.” Citing Pennsylvania’s own state Constitution, the memo says that “it is…

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Moms United to End the War on Drugs

Parents Across the Nation Will Gather on International Overdose Awareness Day

By News & Current Affairs

On International Overdose Awareness Day, Parents Across the Nation Gather to Remember and Honor Lives Lost and Educate Communities about Solutions to the Overdose Crisis. By Moms United/A New Path — Moms United to End the War on Drugs representatives are raising awareness about the crisis on accidental overdoses across the nation and around the world. Families will hold rallies and vigils during the week leading up to International Overdose…

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Eluard Luchell McDaniels, Spanish Civil. War Volunteer, Batea, Spain, May 1938. Image Courtesy of the Tamiment Library, New York University

African American Anti-Fascists in the Spanish Civil War

By Editors' Choice

Anti-fascist volunteer Canute Frankson explained his motivation in a letter home in 1937: “We will build us a new society—a society of peace and plenty. There will be no color line, no jim crow trains, no lynching. That is why, my dear, I’m here in Spain.” By Peter Carroll, — Approximately 90 African Americans fought in Spain during the civil war that engulfed that nation between 1936 and 1939.…

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Police officers monitor activity outside as protesters demonstrate inside a Philadelphia Starbucks, where two men were arrested.

A Starbucks arrest shows how black Americans are robbed of their power

By Commentaries/Opinions

Men arrested for ‘loitering’ had no choice but to keep their heads down, out of fear for their lives. For black people, it’s a familiar situation. By Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez — After video footage went viral of two black men being arrested in Starbucks for “loitering”, many were outraged. The two men had entered Starbucks for a meeting and were instead faced with the profiling and discrimination black people experience on a daily basis.

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The Philly Starbuck’s Arrest: Negrophobia Is Real — And Black People Weren’t Surprised At All

By Commentaries/Opinions

One of the great privileges of whiteness in America is the freedom to ignore racism, and then act shocked by it. By Chauncey DeVega —  To be black in America is to live a life where even the most mundane activities can threaten one’s dignity and, in the worst cases, imperil our safety, security and sanity. In a much-discussed incident last Thursday — the video of which went viral online…

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