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Earl Ofari Hutchinson

VP Radio: Haitian Revolution, Future of Pan Africanism, 2020 Presidential Election

By Vantage Point Radio, Video/Audio

Vantage Point Radio January 6, 2020 — On this edition of Vantage Point, host Dr. Ron Daniels aka The Professor talks with guests Dr. Patrick Delices, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Bill Fletcher and callers. Topic The Role of Religion/Spirituality and Women in the Haitian Revolution The Future of Pan Africanism Status of the 2020 Presidential Election Guests Dr. Patrick Delices, Scholar/Activist, Bronx, NY Dr. Leonard Jeffries, President,World African…

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Pennsylvania officer puts 14-year-old Black girl in chokehold

Pantaleo May Be Out But the Chokehold Isn’t

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson — NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo was finally given the official boot by his department. He was fired for violating department policy. The issue was his use of the chokehold in the slaying of Eric Garner. Police departments nationally scrambled furiously in the aftermath of the chokehold death of Garner in 2014 and the non-indictment then of Pantaleo to publicly declare that they do not use the…

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Eric Garner on left, Patrick Crusius, the El Paso shooter on the right.

Why Do White Mass Killers Always Seem to Live Another Day?

By Commentaries/Opinions

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson — Connor Betts, the mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio is an anomaly. He is an anomaly not because he murdered nine persons less than 24 hours after Patrick Crusius massacred 20 in El Paso. He is different because he was gunned down by Dayton police. That’s not the usual pattern. The pictures of Crusius being gently handcuffed and calmly being talked to by arresting officers after…

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